Fibreglass Composite is one of material that could replace the conventional material, like : wood, glass and metal (steel, iron, aluminium etc).

Fibreglass Composite in Indonesia is famous as Fibreglass, the real name is Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP). That is a composition of Plastics Thermoset with additive material (resistant to corrosive, weather etc) and Fibreglass as reinforcement.

Combination of the components above by polymerisation process makes new material construction named Fibreglass Composite or FRP. FRP has specified characteristic among others :

* Strength to corrosive and weather.
* Very light construction.
* Isolator
* Easy to install
* No special maintenance

In Indonesia, technology to making and using of Fibreglass Composite has been growing in many products, among others :

* Water Vehicles : boat, jet foil, hovercraft etc
* Water Sport Equipments : canoe, jet ski, surfing board etc.
* Automotive Equipments : cabin, engine cover, wheel housing etc.
* Furniture : table, chair etc.
* Storage Tanks : chemical tank, water tank
* Etc.

Because the characteristic is special, at present FRP is the first choice material for conventional material replacement like : metal, concrete, wood etc.